PCT Hiker Friendly Lodging in Big Bear Lake

From: Marianne Lins <linsgraphics@icloud.com>
Subject: Help PCT hikers
Message Body: I have a little cabin on Airbnb. I can change the rates at anytime. I can also change the minimum stay. I live close by and can pick up hikers at the trail heads. I have a shower, washer/dryer and plenty of room in the cabin for 6 people and a huge fenced yard for those who want to stay in their tents. 
How do I help?
Marianne Lins

Trail Angels for the CDT at Wolf Creek Pass near Pagosa Springs, CO

From: Jim and Chris Sneaad
Subject: Trail Angel CDT
Message Body: My husband and I would like to be added as Trail Angels for the CDT at Wolf Creek Pass near Pagosa Springs, CO. We could provide rides to/from town to the post office, grocery store, laundromat, etc. I’m not sure how to sign up. Thanks. 
Jim and Chris Snead 817.455.7414

AT Trail Angel between Watauga Lake and Vandeventer shelters

From: Summer G
Subject: Help and rides offered between Watauga Lake and Vandeventer shelters
Message Body: I live about 5 minutes from the road crossing between Watauga Lake and Vandeventer shelters. I can also drive around the lake to the hwy 67 crossing or Dennis Cove. More than happy to provide rides into Hampton/Elizabethton/Johnson City, deliver items, take out trash, a hot meal, shower, or maybe a soft bed. As long as I or my husband are available, we’re here to help. SMS @ 423-707-5156

Trail Angel on the Florida Trail

Message Body: Hey there!
I was wondering if there was a trail angel list that is being worked on for the Florida Trail? I have seen a lot of people out on trail this hiking season, and did not notice a list made already.  I know the Florida Trail is not as avidly hiked as the Big 3/smaller LDH trails, but if you would like to make a list, I would like to volunteer myself as a FT trail angel. Thank you so much.

AT Trail Angel Hosting Hikers in Huntly, VA

From: Ms. Barry McAlister <barrybearsmile@gmail.com>
Subject: Near Chester Gap/Front Royal, VA
Message Body: Hello!
I have been hosting AT hikers at my home in Huntly, Va for two years.  I post on the Facebook page of “Women Hikers of the Appalachian Trail”, and I provide sleeping quarters, laundry, dinner al fresco, swimming pool and p/u/ d/o at HWY 522 near Front Royal/Huntly.  Hikers can find me on Facebook @ Barry McAlister.   My email is Barrybearsmile@gmail.com.  Usually, I like to get a text a day before a hiker needs a pick up, but I have been able to accommodate last minute.  A small donation always appreciated.

Big Bear Hostel Free laundry, loaner clothes, WIFI, restaurant discounts, easy shuttles back to trail

From: Grayson McNeill <Fun@bigbearhostel.com>
Subject: Big Bear Hostel add to list
Message Body:
You just have our website. please update and add: 
Big Bear Hostel
527 Knickerbocker Rd, Big Bear Lake, CA 92315
(909) 866-8900
Free laundry, loaner clothes, WIFI, restaurant discounts, easy shuttles back to trail in morning. 
Hosting hikers since 2001!

AT Trail Angel Near RPH Shelter in NY

From: Megan <meganlynne@gmail.com>
Subject: Trail Angel up road from RPH Shelter
Message Body: Hello - I'd like to help through hikers - I have been an avid high-altitude climber and lover of all things outdoors.  I understand the beauty of finding oneself through the challenge of going into the unknown outside.  I have also had family members complete the AT. I'd like to help with rides, meals (I'm a recently trained vegan chef), lodging, laundry, showers if anyone needs.   I own a home just up the road from the RPH Shelter in NY. Please connect me with any other websites/facebook groups that could help with this. Megan

Connecting Hikers With Trail Angels

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