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AT Trail Angel NY, CT

From: Megan Fitzgerald <>
Subject: AT Trail Angel NY, CT

Message Body:
I live on the CT/NY border (about an hour from the AT). Iā€™m happy to help in any way, shuttle, emergency assistance, in a pinch I could host a hiker (2 at most) overnight and provide shower, laundry, hot meal (I live in a 700sqft). Also can bring supplies to the trail. For overnight assistance, typically need a few days notice (sometimes I travel for my job) but will always do what I can.

Pacific Crest Trail Angel in Kelso Valley serving Lake Isabella, Walker Pass

From: Jen Jones <>
Subject: I want to be added to the Trail Angel List

Message Body:
I live in Kelso Valley,  part of the Kern River Valley in California. This summer I have given several PCT hikers rides from Lake Isabella to Walker Pass and brought hikers from Walker Pass to Lake Isabella. I also did specific rides to the Lake Isabella Post Office and the Vons Parking lot. I have a double cab Chevy Silverado truck with an 8 foot bed covered by a camper shell, room for 4 people comfortably (although I did transport 6) and their gear. I am a Registered Nurse that has lived in the Kern River Valley for 34 years. I enjoy meeting the PCT hikers and hearing their experiences. I can meet hikers and transport them from Kelso Valley Road where Bird Spring Pass intersects, anywhere on Hwy 178, Lake Isabella, Walker Pass and anywhere in between. I can be contacted through my e-mail for advanced transportation notice or if I see hikers on the road, I will pick them up there! I do work 3 nights a week but I can assist hikers as best as I can.

I offer rides, food drops, etc. Jefferson NH – Valley Way AT

From: Maura Annette Chappelle <>
Subject: getting on list

Message Body:
Hi, I live in Jefferson NH, one town over from Randolph where the Valley Way AT head is.  I'd like to be added to the list of angels. 

I offer rides, food drops, etc.

Thank you,
Maura Annette Chappelle

Glad to assist with transportation, resupply in the Roan Highlands area

From: Dan Maloy
Subject: Trail Assistance

Message Body:
We are  part time residents  near the Roan Highlands section of the trail. When in the area, my wife and I would be glad to assist with transportation, resupply, and etc. We won't always be available, but when we are, we welcome the opportunity to be of assistance. 4043104647

Trail angel in Wrightwood calif Offering rides from bottom of Baden Powell Inspiration point To Wrightwood town

From: Elizabeth Trine <>
Subject: Add me to TA list

Message Body:
I am a Trail angel in Wrightwood calif
Offering rides from bottom of Baden Powell
Inspiration point
To Wrightwood town
Post office
Hardware store
Also pct section and day hiker
Can help hikers with rides
Places for lodging
Resupply box location
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PCT trail angel based out of Lake ISABELLA/kernville/walkers pass.

Name: April Hersom
Comment: PCT trail angel. I would like to be added to the list. I drive/transport, open my home and yards, can help resupply tree, hold/deliver resupply, pick up, etc. Pretty much I’m awesome and rarely say no šŸ™‚ have a registry filled with love and references. Also maintain water cache, magic, snacks at walkers pass. Based out of Lake ISABELLA/kernville/walkers pass. Willing to drive to bishop/mammoth or lancaster when needed