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The Pacific Northwest Trail

  • Ann and Dave Krabill – Port Townsend, WA We would like to offer to assist any PNT hikers who come through Port Townsend. We can offer a shower, a drive to a grocery store, or whatever they may need.
  • Name: Stan Holder
    Comment: I live in Eureka, MT. I can give people a ride, folks can camp on our lawn, we can offer a shower, etc. You can also call me at 406-788-4973 or 406-889-5268. I have hiked this country a lot and know the history of much of it. See you soon.
  • Name: Lisa and Drew. We would like to sign up to be trail angels on the PNT.  We live on Sand Creek Rd, Kettle Falls WA. Please call 509-684-6847 to let us know when you are stopping by. We are right on the trail and can provide camping, water, possibly rides.

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Connecting Hikers With Trail Angels

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