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Meals & Hosting by Trail Angel Lynn Township, Lehigh County, PA

From: Lynn Long <bluemountainranch4@gmail.com>
Subject: Meals & Hosting by Trail Angel

Message Body:
I live at the foot of the Blue Mountain in Lynn Township, Lehigh County, PA.  I am about 2 miles from the AT crossing on Rt. 309.  I'm willing to provide home cooked meals, showers and a bed for through hikers who need a break from the trail.  Can accommodate a couple or especially women hikers.

Trail Angel along & near the MD AT

From: Stan Mordensky
Subject: Trail Angel along & near the MD AT

Message Body:
I became a trail angel well before the summer of 2013 when my son, (Dino DNA) was a thru-hiker on the AT.  I saw how any kindness or little gestures to help any hikers was appreciated.  I began teaching & training my MD public school students high adventure skills from an MCPS course, "Outdoor Ed for Secondary Students" about 1973.  I often traveled the four-state area (WV, VA, PA and MD) as our playground helping others when needed. Now in approaching our 70s we hike a little shorter distances but enjoy the outdoors and helping people.  I live one hour off the MD AT,  Looking forward to seeing  you along the MD AT.-Stan 301-639-8584

AT Trail Angel supporting from Harpers Ferry to Glasgow

From: Gabe Osiier
Subject: Trail Angel supporting from Harpers Ferry to Glasgow

Message Body:
Wife is section hiking SOBO, Virginia. During the course of visiting her, I have become addicted to being a trail angel. Contact me if you need a place to stay for a day or more, many can sleep in my house, if you need a ride somewhere, or if you need you to bring you something. I can make almost any time work. Text or call 540-288-7027. Shout out to the great hikers I have met this year, including Hummingbird, Dandelion, Hazmat, Fireball, Minnesota, Old School Hippy, Viva, Tuttleman (so cool I got to see you finish your flip flop!), and of course my lovely wife Maria (please somebody give her a trail name!). Hike your hike!

trail angel available to help between Virginia and Maine

From: Wes McGee "The Patriot" <wes.mcgee@tateandlyle.com>
Subject: Angel Available

Message Body:
Set up 16 times between Virginia and Maine following the 2017 hikers and will again be setting up for 2018.
Available to help if I can in any situation. Just ask?

Pacific Northwest Trail Trail Angel Kettle Falls, WA

We would like to sign up to be trail angels on the PNT.  We live on Sand Creek Rd, Kettle Falls WA. Please call 509-684-6847 to let us know when you are stopping by. We are right on the trail and can provide camping, water, possibly rides.

Ashland Oregon TA We offer showers, laundry, healthy home cooked meals, comfy bed

Name: Jennifer Titus-Watson
Comment: Ashland Oregon TA
Matt and Jennifer Watson. We offer showers, laundry, healthy home cooked meals, comfy bed, and dogs to cuddle on our quiet ranch located a few miles from the Highway 66 crossing. We can pick up/ drop off at the trailhead on the highway or in town with advanced notice.  Best way to contact me is by text 541-890-5216.

I’m happy to help out folks traveling through the beautiful North Cascades.

Name: Marie
Email: mna.pnw@gmail.com
Comment: I haven’t hiked the PCT, but I’m happy to help out folks traveling through the beautiful North Cascades. I live 70 miles (~1.5 hour drive) west of Rainy Pass/Hwy 20 (mile 2600). My home is walking distance to a grocery store, restaurants, laundromat, post office, library, bakery, hardware store, motel and bus line. I don’t have a ton of space in my cabin, but there’s plenty of room to camp in the yard. There are friendly cats and dogs running around. The REI in Bellingham is 47 miles away (1 hour by car, 2.5 hours by bus). Marie 360-202-6548 mna.pnw@gmail.com