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AT Trail Angel Hosting Hikers in Huntly, VA

From: Ms. Barry McAlister <barrybearsmile@gmail.com>
Subject: Near Chester Gap/Front Royal, VA
Message Body: Hello!
I have been hosting AT hikers at my home in Huntly, Va for two years.  I post on the Facebook page of “Women Hikers of the Appalachian Trail”, and I provide sleeping quarters, laundry, dinner al fresco, swimming pool and p/u/ d/o at HWY 522 near Front Royal/Huntly.  Hikers can find me on Facebook @ Barry McAlister.   My email is Barrybearsmile@gmail.com.  Usually, I like to get a text a day before a hiker needs a pick up, but I have been able to accommodate last minute.  A small donation always appreciated.

Appalachian Trail Shuttles near Rockfish Gap VA

From: Pam Bennett <pingg62@yahoo.com>
Subject: Appalachian Trail Shuttles near Rockfish Gap VA

Message Body:
I have been shuttling for over 15 years and love it! I go anywhere within about 125 - 150 miles of Rockfish Gap including Shenandoah national Park. Advance notice appreciated and available mostly on weekends.

Trail Angels in Burkes Garden, VA – Appalachian Trail

Trail Angels don’t grant three wishes to thru-hikers on the Appalachian Trail — unless they are wishing for cold water, free food they didn’t have to carry or some other creature-comfort not easily found on the trail.

We’re told: Don’t trust people you don’t know.  Never take candy from strangers.

We believe: Trail Angels are different.

Need an example?  How about the folks in Virginia at Burkes Garden Central Lutheran Church.  They practice what they call “AT Trail Hospitality.”

Source: Trail Angels in Burkes Garden, VA – Appalachian Trail