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The Continental Divide Trail

  • Name: Kathy Anderson Email: [email protected]
    My husband, Jerry and I are in our seventies and live on a road south of Whitehall, MT that is used by dozens of hikers the last few years. I have given rides to numerous hikers and we realized we live in a perfect spot for people to overnight. They are welcome to shower, etc and spend the night. We would love to hear their stories.
    We live along a creek and have dogs and horses.
  • Name: Stan Holder Email: [email protected]
    Comment: I live in Eureka, MT. I can give people a ride, folks can camp on our lawn, we can offer a shower, etc. You can also call me at 406-788-4973 or 406-889-5268. I have hiked this country a lot and know the history of much of it. See you soon.
  • Name: Wayne Lyngholm Email: [email protected] Message:
    I’m a forester in Missoula, MT. I spend a lot of time on the north side of the Anaconda Pintler wilderness and the Big Hole valley fishing, hiking and bowhunting with my 9 year old son. I’m available to shuttle folks who need a ride to the airport in Missoula or need someone to pick up gear from a major outlet in a city.
  • From: Colleen Murphy <[email protected]> Subject: Trail angel Message Body: I am willing to be a trail angel in Helena, Montana
  • From: Amelia Pease Subject: Add me to the trail Angel list! Message Body: Hi! I live in Bozeman and would love to offer rides and possibly a place to stay. I am a student and PCT hiker trash (Picnic,2018) with a place near downtown that has a yard and basement. I miss my people. 775-560-0759
  • From: Wendy Spann <[email protected]> Subject: Trail angel Message Body: Hello I hope the Pct in 2019 with my husband. We have now relocated to Helena and live here with our baby. I would be happy to take hikers to and from the pass to the post office or possibly host for a night if needed.
  • From: Jerry R. Bailey <[email protected]> Subject: Please add our group of Trail Angels to your group. Message Body: Good morning, so happy I found you, we here in Philipsburg, MT are ramping up and have formed the Pintler Wilderness Continental Divide Trail Angels. We would love to be added to your list, if you can, please enter my name, Jerry R. Bailey, 406-560-7100, [email protected], and also please include our Facebook page: and our email is [email protected] Thank you so much, JB in MT
  • Name: Heather Contos
    Comment: Hi! My Wyoming family would love to help out in any way we can, as you travel the southern Wyoming sections of the CDT near Encampment, off of Highway 70 (mile 1569). Offering pick up on trail and drop off on trail to Encampment or Saratoga for medical emergencies. We do live in Laramie 1 hour and 30 minutes away. So we need a heads up! If you are in a jam, I can make some calls for you if I cannot assist you 🙂 We have a trail box on the SOBO entrance at Battle Pass. Be sure to sign the log! My boys and I would love to hear your adventures! We can always bring you to Laramie if you need to leave the trail for hospital, airport, bus or rental car. Happy Trails! ~The Laramie Contos Clan 307-220-8134 call/text -Heather 307-761-0684 call/text- Kevin
  • Name: Cheryl Hodge
    Comment: Hi! I am the contact person for the Atlantic City
    St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church Trail Angel Box. The supplies in the box are provided by a grant from the Episcopal Diocese. The box is located in the church sanctuary where Trail people are invited to restock, recover, and restore. I would like to get this information out to Trail people coming through Atlantic City and South Pass Wyoming. Please let me know how to get this information out to CDT hikers and bikers. Thank you . Cheryl
  • From: Alex Artz Subject: Trail Angel in Pinedale WY Message Body: Hi! I am available for any help anyone may need around Pinedale WY. I can help with rides, local advice, mail help and anything else you might need. Texting is prefferred, Alex 308-920-2247
  • Name: Cindy Phelps
    Email: [email protected]
    Comment: I live in Salmon Idaho and would like to help thru hikers on the CDT.
  • Name: Sue Kozacek
    Comment: I live in North Fork, Idaho (25 miles north of Salmon, Idaho) and would like to volunteer to help out thru hikers on the CDT.  My contact is [email protected]  and my phone number is 208-865-2008.
  • Name: Barbara Miller
    Tel: 208-756-4005
    Email: [email protected]
    I’d like to be on the Trail Angels list.  I live near Salmon and I have hiked everything from Leadore to the Montana border.
  • Name: Chuck Deveney
    Email: [email protected]
    Comment: I live in Salida, Co, if you need a ride let me know. I’ve taken hikers down and up for the past few years.
  • From: Jim and Chris Sneaad Subject: Trail Angel CDT Message Body: My husband and I would like to be added as Trail Angels for the CDT at Wolf Creek Pass near Pagosa Springs, CO. We could provide rides to/from town to the post office, grocery store, laundromat, etc. I’m not sure how to sign up. Thanks. Jim and Chris Snead 817.455.7414
  • Name: Albert Shepherd Email: [email protected] Message: I thru hiked the PNT and CT. I live and work in Butte and I’m happy to give rides or treat a meal around the area, especially pick-ups from Homestake pass where u cross I-90. (310) 422-4619
  • From: Sherry Herrin <[email protected]>
    Subject: CDT trail angel Message Body: I am a Appalachian Trail 2019 Thru hiker now living in Durango Colorado. I would like to be added to the CDT trail angel list for thru hikers in 2020.
  • Name: Jon Geeslin (Jonny G)  Message: My name is Jonny G I live in the Winter Park, Colorado area. I’m a fellow thru hiker and have been a trail angel for 7 years. I can offer 0 day resupply, rides, slack pack from Jones Pass to Winter Park to Grand Lake, this year I’ll be stashing a hiker box/cooler at the base of James peak on the north side by the trestle bridge. I guide up there so it should stay full!🤐 feel free to TEXT me the day of help or if you can give me a day or two heads up so if I’m not available I can send someone up for you! Happy trails and happy tails! 5085794451 🍻
  • From: Karla Roquemore <[email protected]>
    Subject: Add to list Message Body: Hi. I am available for rides, in and near Wolf Creek Pass and South Fork, CO (which is a Gateway Community for the CDT). Text is the best as I do not answer calls from numbers I do not recognize-sorry-too many solicitors! Advance notice is the best idea, but not necessary.
  • TLC Ranch Owners Larry & Charity VonTress
    Phone (Landline) 575.772.2710 if you would like to call ahead to let us know you are coming. Water and camping available. Red spigot is east of the big metal building. We have 3 (large) mastiff dogs that are either in the house or backyard, avoid that area. Please introduce yourself if we are home, if we aren’t home, feel free to get water and camp. We do ask that you please clean up after yourselves. Garbage can provided. Our goal for 2019 is to build a shower, picnic area and restore the homestead back into a store. We hope to stock energy bars and items requested by the hikers and bikers
  • From: Larry Von Tress Subject: Thomas Mountain Ranch Message Body: My wife and I have purchased Turner Mountain Ranch at 1273 York Ranch Road near Pie Town NM. We are interested in still helping hikers, bikers and horseback riders with water, camping, etc. We are planning to restore the log homestead in the future. We are now TLC Ranch. 575-772-2710.
  • From: Gary and Hazel Frost <[email protected]>
    Subject: Trail angel Message Body: We can pickup or drop off at Wolf Creek pass, Cumbres pass, or northern New Mexico. Showers, meals, laundry at the house or transportation for supplies / mail.
  • From: Lori Glover Subject: New Trail Angel Volunteer
    Message Body: Hi, My husband and I live in between Abiquiu, Canjillon, Chama, and Taos in Tierra Amarilla, NM. We’d like to become trail angels for the CDT and it’s hikers and would like more information. Please add us to the list. Mark and a Lori Glover 432.294.2810 and 432.294.2977 We can pick up folks, provide showers, a meal, place to sleep for a night or two, drop off supplies, etc
  • From: Gary and Hazel Frost <[email protected]>
    Subject: CDT trail angel Message Body:
    We are located near Pagosa Springs Colorado and Chama New Mexico. Will pick and take to town. Laundry, shower, place to stay. Local knowledge.
  • Name:
    Joe Black Message: For consideration for trail angel on the CDT in central New Mexico. I live in Placitas, NM, within striking distance of the CDT. I’m an adventure motorcyclist and have covered a lot of ground throughout the state and I’m looking for a way to combine what I love doing with helping CDT hikers. If I can be of service making a delivery in the span from the Jemez Mountains to Pie Town, give me a call. I can transport one person in a pinch. 505-977-9590
  • Name: Betsy Cotton Email: [email protected] Message:
    I live in Pagosa Springs CO which is a common 0 day or 2 for CDTers. I backpack myself and know what a relief it is to get a ride. I can give a ride for up to 5 people with room in back for packs. Can shuttle to and from Wolf Creek Pass and can give ride to run errands while in town. I have a flexible schedule, a 4 door pickup with shell on back.  Cell #970-946-2294 (text preferred)


4 thoughts on “Continental Divide Trail”

  1. Name: Linda Vance
    Comment: Willing to provide rides, showers, laundry and a place to sleep near Helena, MT. Text me at 406-437-1083. I’m not one for answering voice calls but I respond to text and email. I know the trail in Montana well.

  2. I plan on being at Monarch Pass this summer with food, drinks and a recharging station for electronics. I live a few hours away, so will be there off and on for two day stretches. Will post firm dates here as time gets closer. Today is February 12, 2018, so I think we’ve got time to plan ahead. 🙂
    Will also be at Cottonwood Pass and Tincup Pass through the spring/summer. Looking forward to it!

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