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Great Eastern Trail

Great Eastern Trail Alabama To New York

From: Jo “Someday” Swanson
Subject: Angel listing

Message Body:
Hi, you don’t have it listed yet, but the Great Eastern Trail is a new trail where hikers NEED trail angels.  They really need this resource because this trail is so new and so rugged.  It may not be a popular trail (yet) but resources like this will help it blossom.

I am available as a trail angel to help with planning for the entire trail.  I can’t go out an pick someone up and bring them to food, but I can be a mental trail angel, a help in planning, a cheerleader, etc.  My website is and if possible, a link to it should be listed by my name, as there is a way to contact me there and also it is the only reliable-ish listing of planning materials for the trail.  Jo “Someday” Swanson

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