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We live in Taos NM and would like to be a help for CDT hikers.

Name: Mike and Judy Clayton
Email: [email protected]
Greetings We live in Taos NM and would like to be a help for CDT hikers. We can offer a place to pitch there tent, showers, laundry, meals and transportation. Our son is a long distance hiker and has no many good things to say about the help he has gotten and we would like to give back. They can contact us by phone or email. phone is 406-600-4909 or 406-600-0637. Thank you Mike and Judy Clayton

TLC Ranch New Mexico CDT Trail Angels

TLC Ranch
Owners Larry & Charity VonTress
Phone (Landline) 575.772.2710 if you would like to call ahead to let us know you are coming.
Water and camping available. Red spigot is east of the big metal building. We have 3 (large) mastiff dogs that are either in the house or backyard, avoid that area. Please introduce yourself if we are home, if we aren’t home, feel free to get water and camp. We do ask that you please clean up after yourselves. Garbage can provided.
Our goal for 2019 is to build a shower, picnic area and restore the homestead back into a store. We hope to stock energy bars and items requested by the hikers and bikers.