Trail angel and host location offered

From: Jeff Fraser <[email protected]>
Subject: Trail angel and host location offered

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Hi, i have a piece of land on tge cdt in the middle of chain of craters wilderness and looking gor somone to set up as a trail angel there and offer food supplies and shelter to travellers of the cdt and act as caretaker of my land. I have 2 busses and camper as shelter if needed, they will need to be towed 185 miles to the site. If you know anyone in the area or i can post an ad with you that would be great. Thanks, Jeff article on 10 Hiking Essentials

Hey just a quick one,

I happened upon your site Trail Angel List (very cool!), and while clicking around your site I spotted that you have linked to on – it’s a great resource on the topic!

I am the editor of, and we have recently written a pretty in-depth article on 10 Hiking Essentials. We’d be hugely honored if you would check it out (and possibly consider adding a link to it).

If not, we would always welcome any constructive criticism!

Here is the URL:

Happy Trails!