Warner Springs, Idyllwild or Big Bear area

From: Michelle and John Bedard <[email protected]>
Subject: Trail angel PCT Message Body:
We have helped hikers 3 times even though we are in Temecula Ca. I picked up a lady from Germany and took her to the Urgent care, got her prescriptions, took her to a store to get some supplies. She stayed in our guest house for a night. I fed her dinner and breakfast then took her back to the trail. Had a young man I picked up twice. Took him to REI to get new boots, let him stay in our guest house 2 days took him back to the trail. Picked him up again and took him to our friends cabin in Big Bear. He stayed there a few days then went back to the trail. We offered our property for another person to park their motorcycle in our garage for a week this year. We can help in those kind of instances mostly in the Warner Springs, Idyllwild or Big Bear area.

pct trail angel – cascade locks, or.

From: Mark and Karen Fernald
Subject: Please add us to the pct trail angel list - cascade locks, or.

Message Body:
Cascade Locks, OR.

>From Mark and Karen Fernald:

We live in vancouver, wa.  And, are willing to help hikers who are passing through vancouver, wa; heading to cascade locks.  If you are arriving at the vancouver train/bus station, to hike in washington or oregon, we can help you with transportation, a place to stay, a place to prepare food drops, and with mailing parcels.  Please call Mark at 253-514-3493, or text Karen at 369-852-2704. 

If you are in cascade locks and in desprit need (like: out of money and food, or need to get off the trail for a time) then please call us.  But, we do not give rides to portland; because, there is a portland-cascade locks-hood river bus.

The best to you, 
Mark and Karen.

Florida Trail Angel

Subject: Florida Trail Angel List

Message Body:
Greetings Hundy,

As requested you will find the information you requested to add me to the Florida Trail Angel list.

Contact information:
Lil Cub
[email protected]
Text 850-586-5555
247 South Rayburn St
Crestview, FL 32539

If you have any questions, please reply to my email. 
Thank you in advance.
Lil Cub
Thank you so much. I’m in the process of getting my hostel ready for opening. It’s going to be a while.
With that said, I do have limited tenting, outdoor toilet and shower completed. In addition I have charging station as well as free WiFi.
And I’m also still available for transportation from 331 trail head to the northern terminus at Fort Pickens.
Hikers must text (no direct calls) unless otherwise noted  850-586-5555
I also want to say that the Hostel is located approximately 4-5 blocks off the trail near downtown Crestview.
Lil’ Cub Hostel

PCT Hikers near Los Angeles We can offer emergency rides, airport rides, especially to Burbank airport, rides to doctors, hospital, outfitters, other trail angels or hotels, and general assistance / trail magic

From: Sara "Starchild" <[email protected]>
Subject: Feel free to add me to the trail angel list.
Message Body: I am a PCT thru-hiker & a JMT thru-hiker, with plans for many more future adventures. I currently live in the LA/Ventura County area of SoCal (near Chatsworth/Woodland Hills) with my fiance. We can offer emergency rides, airport rides, especially to Burbank airport, rides to doctors, hospital, outfitters, other trail angels or hotels, and general assistance / trail magic (vegan awesomeness) / plus water cache set-ups to thru & section hikers. I am also willing to help other LA/Ventura area trail angels with emergencies, however, I can't -currently- offer a place to stay.  If you have an emergency anywhere from Wrightwood to Kennedy Meadows, give or take, send me an email or text, as I -may- be available to help you. In the summer, I may also be able to get you a ride as far as Tahoe or Truckee during certain times of certain months or at least get you a ride to public transit in the LA area.  Any donations for gas on a longer ride are appreciated, but not expected. I am currently an artist, designer, future author, and college student (Fisheries & Wildlife). My fiancé is a guitar instructor. I know what it was like hiking the PCT and needing assistance in the middle of nowhere. Email: [email protected] --- Instagram: www.instagram.com/bysunandstars
---- Add on FB:  https://www.facebook.com/RegulusRaSalas
See you out there.

Rides to Chemult Oregon From Crater Lake Junction/Hwy 138 and HWY 58 Summit Trail Head.

From: Paul N Bivens
Subject: Getting added to the Angel list
Message Body: Hello,  my name is Paul Bivens.  I live near Chemult, Oregon, approximately 18 miles from the Crater Lake junction on HWY 138,  and about 30 miles from the HWY 58 summit trail head. My phone number is 541-408-4869,  and I can provide transport to Chemult from both places.  If you call, and I don't answer right off,  leave a message.  Since I work with livestock,  some times I can't answer for a few minutes,  but all calls will be answered promptly.  Thankyou,  Paul

Pintler Wilderness Continental Divide Trail Angels

From: Jerry R. Bailey <[email protected]>
Subject: Please add our group of Trail Angels to your group.
Message Body: Good morning, so happy I found you, we here in Philipsburg, MT are ramping up and have formed the Pintler Wilderness Continental Divide Trail Angels. We would love to be added to your list, if you can, please enter my name, Jerry R. Bailey, 406-560-7100, [email protected], and also please include our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/pintlerwildernesscontinentaldividetrailangels/ and our email is [email protected] Thank you so much, JB in MT

Connecting Hikers With Trail Angels

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