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  • From: Tristan Magee <[email protected]> Subject: Trail Angel Dunsmuir, Ca Message Body: I would like to be added to the list! Thank you. 😊
  • From: caleb and renee <[email protected]>
    Subject: we would like to be a trail angels Message Body:  We have a sweet piece of land we are working on Near the seiad valley, ca trailhead south! Offering place for hikers to rest and refresh on their journey.
  • Name: Tony Gummert
    Comment: Please add me to your list I can give rides in the dunsmuir, castela and mount Shasta areas. 530-925-4157
  • From: Jesse Valenzuela <[email protected]>
    Subject: I want to be a trail Angel
    Message Body: I live in Seiad Valley in Northern California. I want to see how I can be a trail angel here. I am a caretaker for a property and the owner asked me, what I thought about hosting folks for the pct. Thought it was a great thought. I can offer showers, a place to camp,  wash clothes, get a drive into store or town. Willing to BBQ also. I have heard the out ragest cost some places have. So I would like to do for a lower price. I don’t even know what to charge or how to even help. I don’t work because of spine injury and surgery so meet and greeting will be good for me. Please let me know. Thank you. Tel: 760-909-0566
  • Name: Mary Lou Stokes
    Email: [email protected]
    Comment: Hi I live in Quincy California and have a spare room for some one to stay the night in. They would need to find a ride from either bucks lake or Belden,ca into Quincy.
  • Kris Mehan – [email protected], I am available to help hikers in the Chester area.
  • From: Clair Tappaan Lodge <[email protected]> Subject: Add to PCT Trail Angel List Message Body: Greetings! I would like to have Clair Tappaan Lodge ( added to the Trail Angel List. We have hosted many thru-hikers in the past. The Lodge (operated much like a hostel) and it’s regular guests love having the thru-hikers here. We have overnight accommodations in single gender dorms or group rooms, with family style meals included in our reasonable rates. For a small day-use fee showers, hot tub and laundry machines are available. The Lodge is located 1.5 miles from the trail on Donner Pass in California. Thank You, Peter Lehmkuhl General Manager Clair Tappaan Lodge
  • Name: Dan Sweigert
    Email: d[email protected]
    Comment: I live near Truckee CA and spend a lot of time in the high Sierra. I would love to help PCTers whenever I can.
  • From: Richard Baker <[email protected]>
    Subject: Trail Angel Truckee, Ca Message Body:
    Would like to be added to trail angel list for Pacific Crest Trail
  • Matthew Crouch [email protected] – I’ve been picking up PCT hitchhikers in Tahoe for years and would like to do more for them. How can help?  Matt.
  • From: Margaret Whitson <[email protected]>
    Subject: PCT trail angel list Message Body: I would like to be added to your PCT trail angel list. I’ve been a trail angel since 2014 for hikers who have reached PCT mile marker #1485 – the x-section of Soda Crk. & I-5.
  • From: Petesthousandpeaks
    Subject: Re-Up Message Body: I am available for rides and lodging. Terms and conditions at my website > Terms and Conditions for PCT Thru-Hikers.
  • Name: Vicky and Bob Cohorst
    Email: [email protected]
    Comment: My husband and I live on the west shore of Tahoe and can assist hikers in South Lake Tahoe to the south and near Donner/Boreal area near Highway 80 into Truckee to the north. We are able to host and provide a safe place to zero out for a day or two, fill up on some home cooked meals, get some laundry done and get a hot shower and rides to medical if necessary. We never let anyone leave without a generous supply of our famous oatmeal scotchie cookies, a cold pop, a candy bar and a ham and cheese sandwich on white bread. This next year, due to popular demand, we’ll include a piece of fruit in that go pack. The only thing we ever ask in return is that while you’re here, that you check in with your family to let them know you’re ok. We do have a Border collie named Addie who will expect to be petted so please no one with pets. We are first come, first dibs in the guest room, but we have a pretty good sized deck and air beds can handle overflow.
  • Name: Miriam Kaffke Email: [email protected]  Message: My husband & I live in North Lake Tahoe (Truckee). We’re retired so we have a flexible schedule – when we are not hiking ourselves! We have two well behaved dogs at home. We’d love to offer rides, food, laundry, or a shower to hikers. Cheers, Miriam. No overnight stays currently.
  • Paul England [email protected] – Helping Hikers in the Tahoe Sierra PCT Area. I would love to be a Trail Angel for PCT hikers. I am an avid backpacker myself, and I live in Placerville, CA about 50 miles from where the PCT crosses Highway 50 at Echo Summit and 50 miles from the PCT crossing at Carson Pass. I have a minivan and am willing to resupply hikers, provide rides down into South Lake Tahoe, pickups and resupplies at Echo Summit and Carson Pass, and will even meet people as far away as the Ebbets Pass area. Hikers are even welcome to come to my home here in Placerville, which is a great little town. Thanks
  • From: Cindy <[email protected]>
    Subject: Message Body: I’m available at Echo pass, South Lake Tahoe for angel magic!!
  • Name: Kristin Comment: Hi there! We live in South lake Tahoe, California and want to help out people passing through the Tahoe area. We have pretty variable schedules so give us a call if you need anything in this area. We might have rooms open, just depends on the timing. We should be available to help with rides, etc. also. My boyfriend is an AT thru hiker and we hope to complete the PCT sometime soon. Thanks ! Kristin and Josh
    Tel: 2517092608
  • From: Reggie Cook <[email protected]> Subject: Trail Angel Message Body: I am a Trail Angel in Lone Pine Ca. I have a property about 2.7 miles outside the town of Lone Pine. I can offer large lawn areas for camping, outdoor sink for laundry, A solar shower is under construction and should be finished by 5/25.2019, A BBQ with a side burner is available for cooking, There is also an indoor toilet available. So far this year I have hosted the 3 guys from Finland, and the six guys from Honk Kong and about 12 others. I do not charge but donations are appreciated to help pay for propane. Reggie
  • Name: David McEachron
    Comment: Sierra Trails Rideshare provides transportation assistance for all Hikers to and from trailheads or airports. Lone Pine, Independence, Bishop, Mammoth, Yosemite, Kennedy Meadows, Tehachapi, Las Vegas, Reno. Call David 760 900 6222
  • From: April Turner- hersom Subject: Change of location Message Body: I operate out of mammoth lakes/eastern sierras now. I started and run the walkers pass area trail angel page and know tons of people and resources there including businesses with discounts and keeping up with the water caches. 7607090853
  • From: Amy Alden <[email protected]>
    Subject: Please add to PCT Trail Angel List
    Message Body: Part of the Walker Pass Trail Angels. I am available for Walker’s Pass and Kennedy Meadows drives.
  • From: Gary Welfl Subject: Rides Message Body: Hi I’m grizz i do the hiker taxi for Walker pass Kennedy meadows Kelso valley and surrounding areas. You can contact me at 760-264-5150 call for a ride at any hour . Have a grateful day and happy trails.
  • From: Sandy Bowers <[email protected]>
    Subject: Trail Angel list Message Body: Hello, my name is Sandy, I live in Ridgecrest and would like to be added to the trail angel list for my area. I can receive packages, I have a small spare room for a night or 2 to rest up, shower, and do laundry. I am available for rides and my availability changes daily. My email address is [email protected] Phone is 760-793-4277
  • From: Amy Maxwell Alden Subject: Walker Pass/Kennedy Meadows Trail Angel Message Body: Rides: Walker’s Pass to Ridgecrest/Inyokern and back, Kennedy Meadows to Ridgecrest/Inyokern and back, other rides as needed if I am available. Help with resupply rides. Other angel services: help with logistics, assist in maintaining water caches, Trail Magic. Best to text me at 720‐329‐4458. Thanks, TA 42
  • From: Jen “MEERKAT” Jones <[email protected]>
    Subject: Update PCT Trail Angel Info Message Body:
    I continue to transport the PCT hikers from anywhere in the Kern River Valley (Lake Isabella, Kelso Valley, Bird Spring Pass, Walker Pass, Kennedy Meadows and Ridgecrest). I can fit 4 people comfortably in my truck and backpacks are secured in the back with a camper shell. The best way to contact me is through my e-mail at [email protected]. I am pretty much available 7 days a week. If at all possible, advance notice is appreciated.
  • From: Ryan T LeGrand <[email protected]>
    Subject: Walker Pass pickup Message Body: I have a permanent vacation spot on the Kern River at Rivernook campground in Kernville, CA. Email me and if I am there I will get you at Walker Pass. Kernville has laundry, general store, and a brewery a short walk from camp where you stay free. Showers and restrooms are clean. It’s way better than Lake Isabella. I can haul 4 at a time.
  • Erica Guisa – I live in Ridgecrest, Ca. I work during the day but i can pick up hikers from walkers pass in the evening or on the weekends. I can provide a room and shower for a night, transport to get supplies and return to trail. Most weekends I travel north up 395 to Lone Pine, Big Pine,and Bishop area to go fishing or hiking, if you catch me in advanced you are more than welcome to hitch a ride.  Also I host my home to all hikers, they can sleep in spare room, use one of 2 hamocks, or pop up tent in my yard, i have a fullsize bathroon they can use, I also offer dinner and breakfast all free of charge. 760-793-8262
  • From: Valerie DeMumbrum Subject: Trail Angel Message Body: I’m not sure if you have a list of trail angels but if you do please add me. I give rides from Kennedy Meadows and Walkers Pass to Ridgecrest California. My number is +17609770364
  • From: Dr. Jana Mulvaney <[email protected]> Subject: Trail Angel at Mile 608 Message Body: My name is Cinnabun & I live off-da-grid part-time near Landers Spring at Mile 608.9, We maintain your trails, provide bottled water, warm cinnamon buns & other savory treats to curb your hiker hunger. I oversee from Robin Bird to Walker Pass. HMU if you need anything but note no cell service. You probably see me riding my orange dirt bike.
  • Name: Rebecca Fehring
    Email: [email protected]
    Comment: I live in Ridgecrest, CA. I work until 4:30 during the week and usually work evenings during the weekend, but love taking drives and don’t mind picking you up. I have a shower, couches, wifi, and can even feed you if you’d like. All I ask in return is tips and stories so one day when I finally get up the courage to do the PCT myself, I’ll be a little more informed.
  • Tehachapi Trail Angel, Sam, 661-557-7686 – 24/7 – small rv in backyard, downtown Tehachapi. Sleeps three +. Also large level grassy tent spaces with apricots if in season. No charges.
  • Lea Taylor – i am a 30 year RN currently on hiatus. I live in Tehachapi and am available to give rides, provide meals, showers and a night’s sleep in a bed..we are empty nesters..and have two extra beds..anything to help accommodate our PCT hikers and make a stop in Tehachapi a positive experience. Available most days. Can give rides to and from trail heads, rides to post office, have packages mailed here, etc. Sundays I’m usually not available. 575-430-1106
  • From: William Godfrey <[email protected]>
    Subject: Added as Angel please Message Body: For last two years I have given rides to and from trail head in Tehachapi California. This year I had a hiker have her mail her shoes to my house where her shoe blew out. I hosted this hiker, her husband, and another hiker from Germany. Was able to get her shoes, provide shelter, and a nice breakfast. The hikers are 2019 Blitz, Legend, and Karma. I live off grid and am 100-% disabled veteran who has. I thing better to do than help hikers and listen to amazing stories. I live vicariously through them.
  • Rachel Newkirk – [email protected] – home for 24 hours. I live in Tehachapi, Ca. I have a campsite in my backyard with a campfire. I can host up to 4 hikers (maybe 5). I am posting as a home for 24 hours because despite the night stay in the campground the hikers will have access to our home, i.e. laundry, shower, food, stove, tv, ect. They are all far from home and as they travel through my home, I would like the option to be available to the hikers to be home for 24 hours.
  • Jenny Uhl – [email protected] – I’m available some Thurs & Fridays to give rides. I’m in Tehachapi! my phone #661-860-2056 to call or text.
  • Chad Hammer – I live in Tehachapi, CA and I can pick up and drop off hikers at the trail head Sections D & E. Tel: 661-742-6536 [email protected]
  • Mike and Patty Mosher – trail angels in Tehachapi. 661-557-7624 or 661-557-5280 can also provide care and rest for any horse’s and  riders.  Only a couple miles from the trailhead in Tehachapi.
  • Cristin Lassen – Email: [email protected] Please add me to the list! I am in Tehachapi, have a minivan that seats 7 and am available to give rides on most days and anytime. Text or call 805-815-9781
  • Name: Frances Riggs Email: [email protected]
    Comment: Tehachapi woman (age 67) with station wagon and guest room, bath, laundry. Will provide transportation and lodging for up to 3 hikers – (prefer female guests). Dogs OK.
  • Name: Natalie Moler Comment: Hi! I would like to be added to the Trail Angel List for the PCT in the Tehachapi area! I am available to give rides, a hot shower, wash laundry, a warm meal, ect. any day of the week. Give me a call or a text. Any time. 760-985-7041.
  • Name: David Stauffer
    Comment: Am an educator/teacher. Live near trailhead in Tehachapi. Can give rides into town Or back to trail. Texting works best. 661 -221-2058 If I’m available when you need me I’m there.
  • From: Kelsy Subject: Pct trail angel list Message Body: My husband and I live in Tehachapi, near mile 566. Available for rides ANYTIME and can receive packages/resupplies if needed. Call or text me at 818-251-6893 -Kelsy
  • From: Michael Puffer Subject: Add me Message Body: I am a trail angel in Tehachapi. Please add me to the list. 661-972-7943 prefer to be contacted by text at that number
  • Dave Schwind – Can you add us to the trail angel list? We are the windfarm at locate at mile 536. Our office building is located one mile east of the PCT at mile 536.98. We have water available 24/7 and during the work week (6AM – 5:30PM, M-F) we can supply coffee, water, restrooms, electricity for charging devices, as well as receive boxes for hikers (via FedEx/UPS only). Happy to help in any way we can!
  • Dawn Dutra – [email protected] – Tel: 805-535-5290 – I live in Agua Dulce. I have a hot shower and breakfast to offer, as well as a lower lot on my property that is available for campers. I am located 1.8. miles from downtown Agua Dulce. I just need prior notice, so that I can make sure that I will be Home.
  • From: Deanna Esmaeel <[email protected]>
    Subject: Airbnb Right on the trail in Agua Dulce
    Message Body: You will pass right by our Airbnb in Agua Dulce..we are hikers and will host hikers! Agua Dulce Horse ranch in the mountains, Victorian Room and Egyptian room.
  • From: Michelle Baker <[email protected]>
    Subject: Los Angeles PCT Trail area
    Message Body: Remember you are amazing and you can do it! If you have to come off trail or gear help… (travel); I have been were you are… CA native [email protected] 323-816-1388
  • Mary Main – Trail angel in Acton, CA, Call/text Mary at 661.713.5204 I moved closer to Mill Creek Fire Station and will be mostly concentrating my shuttling from there to Acton KOA and the cities nearby for urgent/important cases. Uber and LYFT do go to Mill Creek now for non urgent rides. Which is good because I like to help with the complicated situations that might involve researching services and helping with multiple consecutive rides like ; finding the right care for injury, a pharmacy visit and a hotel- and then help back to the trail when recovered, or for other important stuff like a lost phone, broken equipment, etc. Over 800 rides since 2015 and loving almost every minute. email: [email protected]
  • Carly Robinson [email protected] I live in lake use along the walking route where bikers have been d toward because of the powerhouse fire I would like to offer of place to stay food or rides
  • From: Sara “Starchild” <[email protected]> Subject: Feel free to add me to the trail angel list. Message Body: I am a PCT thru-hiker & a JMT thru-hiker, with plans for many more future adventures. I currently live in the LA/Ventura County area of SoCal (near Chatsworth/Woodland Hills) with my fiance. We can offer emergency rides, airport rides, especially to Burbank airport, rides to doctors, hospital, outfitters, other trail angels or hotels, and general assistance / trail magic (vegan awesomeness) / plus water cache set-ups to thru & section hikers. I am also willing to help other LA/Ventura area trail angels with emergencies, however, I can’t -currently- offer a place to stay. If you have an emergency anywhere from Wrightwood to Kennedy Meadows, give or take, send me an email or text, as I -may- be available to help you. In the summer, I may also be able to get you a ride as far as Tahoe or Truckee during certain times of certain months or at least get you a ride to public transit in the LA area. Any donations for gas on a longer ride are appreciated, but not expected. I am currently an artist, designer, future author, and college student (Fisheries & Wildlife). My fiancé is a guitar instructor. I know what it was like hiking the PCT and needing assistance in the middle of nowhere. Email: [email protected] — Instagram: —- Add on FB: See you out there.
  • Name: Liz Hasenberg Message: Hi, I’m a trail angel in Wrightwood California, I’d like to be added to your PCT list. Cell: 408-674-7450
  • Jodi Daniels [email protected] – Wrightwood to Kennedy Meadows (and everywhere in between) I am available to help people with rides between Wrightwood and Kennedy Meadows! (and places in between) I am in the Lake Hughes area, and have given many hikers rides between Casa de Luna & Hiker Town-  I am willing to drive as far as Wrightwood to Kennedy Meadows. I’ve also taken hikers into Santa Clarita, for dental appointments, to catch the train, to LAX airport, etc. I’m happy to help any way I can.  (661)425-1365  [email protected]
  • Name: Larry & Cathy Bevins Email: <[email protected]> Comments: We are both experienced PCT and JMT hikers. We live in Pasadena, California and will randomly (we will post ahead of time on the “PCT Class of” Facebook page) be at Mt. Baden Powell with Trail Magic – hot dogs, beer, water, etc. Look for the Toyota Tacoma and Easy-Up when you come off the trail. Rides into Pasadena and La Canada are possible on the days we’re heading back home.
  • From: Eric Leos <[email protected]>Subject: Helping in Wrightwood, CA.  Message Body: I’m currently out for the country for work and I need to update my contact information to state that I won’t be available until May 21, 2023 to help the 2023 PCT in the Wrightwood, CA.  I would love to help any of the hikers in the Wrightwood, CA area, even if I have to take a drive. I want to offer a nice bed, hot shower and a place rest on a very long hike
  • From: Mick <[email protected]> Subject: Trail Angel List Message Body: I would like to be added to the trail Angel list for PCT in the Cajon/Wrightwood area.
  • Name: Frank Isaac
    Comment: For Bouquet Canyon Rd and PCH crossing in Leona Valley/Palmdale Calif. I’m 58 years of age and retired. Live in Palmdale Ca. 15 minute drive from home to Bouquet Canyon Rd. I do day hikes in this PCT section when weather is cooler from late October to May. Willing to offer transportation to stores and back at this Bouquet Canyon Rd and PCT sign. Sorry not on Facebook. Don’t use Email very much either. But do use cell phone. For PCT hikers . Can call me at 661 406-0157 for transportation to stores in Palmdale Ca. Frank
  • From: Dave Toneff Subject: Please add me Message Body: My Wife and I are hikers and TAs. We are based in Palmdale and willing to drive, supply from Wrightwood to Ridgecrest. 661 202 4056
  • Name: Josh Aldrich – Brentwood, CA email: [email protected] Please add me to your list
  • Robert Torres – Email: [email protected]
    Like to be added to your Trail Angel list for the PCT I live up on HWY 2 at Chilao CA. I work for Caltrans live and work here all year long I’m close to the trail at HWY 39 and HWY 2 I come across many hikers on the trail here.
  • Name: Chris winter
    Email: [email protected]
    Comment: I am a resident of big bear city and can offer pick up and or drop off at any of the local trail heads or any of the local hiker hang outs and off trail sites. Stores, laundromats, campgrounds etc.
  • Steve (Papa Smurf) and Sandy (Mountain Momma) Teuschman – 840 East Angeles Blvd. Big Bear City, 92314 – Will Accept Packages – [email protected] – [email protected] From: Sandra Teutschman Subject: additional information Message Body: You need to add that we host hikers at our home. We pick up at almost all trail heads including mile 252, 266, 275 and Cougar Crest trail parking lot. We have a bunk room as well as a covered 10 X 20 shelter and cots. We have laundry, Wifi, Showers, loaner clothes, hearty meals, rides into town for shopping, and a fire pit. We accept packages and can be sent to our home, packages must include your name and that you are a pct hike and estimated time of arrival and our name Teutschman at 840 E. Angeles Blvd Big Bear City California 92314 Papa Smurf 909-800-7028 and Mountain Mama 909-800-7029
  • From: Grayson McNeill <[email protected]> Subject: Big Bear Hostel add to list Message Body: You just have our website. please update and add: Big Bear Hostel 527 Knickerbocker Rd, Big Bear Lake, CA 92315 (909) 866-8900 Free laundry, loaner clothes, WIFI, restaurant discounts, easy shuttles back to trail in morning. Hosting hikers since 2001!
  • From: Chris Rios <[email protected]> Subject: Trail Angel Message Body: Howdy folks. I will be doing some Trail Angel duties on Wednesday’s once a week this summer. At the Walkers Pass campground. If possible I will try to be there a couple of days when I can. Will offer rides into Ridgecrest in the evening. I am a Ultrarunner/RD. And have been running South and North on the PCT for years. Look forward to meeting lots of you hikers this summer.
  • Name: Barbara Jordan
    Comment: I am in Big Bear Lake. I can shuttle hikers from Onyx Summit or Hwy 18 crossing into town. Cell ph 909-816-5614.
  • Name: Paula Boydston ( aka Mama Bear) Hello hikers. I’m Mama Bear and I often set up an impromptu camp under the bridge at the I-10 Oasis. This is at about mile 209 after descending San Jacinto. I do not keep a set schedule, but if I know there will be hikers coming through I try to be there- mostly mid week. I do not provide rides to Cabazon. You can easily Uber from there to resupply at the Dollar General in Cabazon. You can also reach me @ [email protected] Be well, have fun, hike safely.
  • From: Andrew Rafferty Subject: PCT Hwy 10 Message Body: Hi my name is Andrew i hiked the PCT in 2013 and it was eye opening. offering rides from hwy 10 under pass to and from Cabazon or Whitewater Preserve. I’m located in Yucca Valley but would gladly drive down to give hikers a lift because the 5mile stretch is a nightmare i have walked many times phone number is 3604729733 just need a heads up prior to needing to be picked up.
  • From: Bill Kahn Subject: bill- trail angel= big bear 92315 Message Body: call me= 714-794-5116
  • From: Michelle and John Bedard <[email protected]>
    Subject: Trail angel PCT Message Body:
    We have helped hikers 3 times even though we are in Temecula Ca. I picked up a lady from Germany and took her to the Urgent care, got her prescriptions, took her to a store to get some supplies. She stayed in our guest house for a night. I fed her dinner and breakfast then took her back to the trail. Had a young man I picked up twice. Took him to REI to get new boots, let him stay in our guest house 2 days took him back to the trail. Picked him up again and took him to our friends cabin in Big Bear. He stayed there a few days then went back to the trail. We offered our property for another person to park their motorcycle in our garage for a week this year. We can help in those kind of instances mostly in the Warner Springs, Idyllwild or Big Bear area.
  • From: Marianne Lins <[email protected]> Subject: Help PCT hikers Message Body: I live close by and can pick up hikers at the trail heads – rides to and from town. I have a fenced yard and a deck for those who want to camp in their tents. How do I help? Marianne Lins, [email protected],, 310.597.6363
  • Name: james munn
    Comment: I have a home in Snow Creek near mile 207 . I have just added an AC 120v outlet for device charging. It is accessible from the street underneath a shady olive tree.  Will be adding a city water faucet soon. NB Directions: At the junction of PCT and Snow Creek Rd. take a sharp left SW onto Snow Creek Rd. and walk 700 feet to 15890 Snow Creek Rd.. Look for iron Cactus gates. AC Outlet is near first olive tree on cobblestone fence column. Reminder all roads in Snow Creek are private, please respect the privacy of residents and follow these directions . Enjoy
  • rom: Liliana <[email protected]>
    Subject: Idyllwild CA trail Angel Message Body:
    Hi there, I live with my husband in Idyllwild CA, a key spot for PCT hikers. I also work at the local mountain equipage store (Nomad Ventures). This year I want to offer my home for hikers to shower, do their laundry and maybe stay. I have a spare bedroom, big yard, storage room and camper if anyone wants to spend the night as well.
  • From: Jeannine Stigall
    Subject: Trail Angel in Idyllwild, Ca
    Message: My husband and I are long-term trail angels in Idyllwild. (“The General” and “MamaJeannine”). We live in Idyllwild. Humber Park trail head is a couple miles up the road. I can pick up/drop off from both Humber Park and Paradise Corners in the Anza area. Can offer a hot shower, warm bed (2 guest rooms), and meals if you need a break. Have front loading washer/dryer able to launder sleeping bags. We have a large fenced back yard and can ‘host’ a campsite if you prefer (no fires.) Don’t be shy if you have a specific need. We have a Queensland Heeler so please be dog friendly. text 951-256-0421 or call 951-659-2426 Please leave message as we screen our calls.
  • Paradise Corner Cafe – Highway 74 – (909) 659-0730
  • Video Tour of Mike Herrera’s place
  • Mike Herrera – 17 miles north of Warner Hot Springs Cell: 562 889 7670 Work: 909 392 3930
  • Chery Owens – We hosted about twenty hikers this first year as trail angels.  Mountain Valley Retreat is (1.7 miles east) of the 100 MM on S2 at Barrel Springs. Go to our website: And: Click on Guest Reviews in the Main Menu WE loved the hikers as much as they loved us and hope to provide services for many more in 2015!
  • From: Raymond Clark <[email protected]> Subject: Trail Magic at Sunrise Trailhead Lagunas Message Body: My family and I will be doing multiple weekends (not sure which ones yet) at the Sunrise Trailhead just north of the Laguna area. We will there on weekends starting early March through May. Chairs, recharge station, cold drinks, burgers/brats, salad, first aid (we may be joined several times by the Nursing club from the community college where I teach) and drives into Julian if needed. We’ll also make sure (once again) that there is water available at the trailhead if the regular water source fails again. We’ll see y’all there! Email me from the trail if you need help in the area.
  • Name: Jared Snyder
    Email: [email protected]
    Comment: I live in chula vista and give rides from San Diego to Campo is needed. Also available to travel north to cook along the trail. I’ll be stationed down here for at least the next 18 months.
  • From: Thomas Regan <[email protected]>
    Subject: San Diego Trail Angel Message Body: I hiked the PCT in ’15 and would like to start returning the favor now that I live in San Diego. I have limited space for people to stay overnight and I’ll be offering rides to the trailhead on the weekends. I’m also willing to stop by REI and the grocery store on the way.
  • From: Angela Eubanks <[email protected]>
    Subject: San Diego Trail Angel Message Body:
    Hi I’d like to be added to the trail angel list for PCT San Diego. I can do wherever needed and bring supplies.


Connecting Hikers With Trail Angels