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PCT Trail Angel Near Mill Creek Fire Station

Mary Main – Trail angel in Acton, CA, Call/text Mary at 661.713.5204 I moved closer to Mill Creek Fire Station and will be mostly concentrating my shuttling from there to Acton KOA and the cities nearby for urgent/important cases. Uber and LYFT do go to Mill Creek now for non urgent rides. Which is good because I like to help with the complicated situations that might involve researching services and helping with multiple consecutive rides like ; finding the right care for injury, a pharmacy visit and a hotel- and then help back to the trail when recovered, or for other important stuff like a lost phone, broken equipment, etc. Over 800 rides since 2015 and loving almost every minute. email: [email protected]

PCT Trail Angel in Seiad Valley

From: Jesse Valenzuela <[email protected]>
Subject: I want to be a trail Angle
Message Body: I live in Seiad Valley in Northern California. I want to see how I can be a trail angel here. I am a caretaker for a property and the owner asked me, what I thought about hosting folks for the pct. Thought it was a great thought. I can offer showers, a place to camp,  wash clothes, get a drive into store or town. Willing to BBQ also. I have heard the out ragest cost some places have. So I would like to do for a lower price. I don’t even know what to charge or how to even help. I don’t work because of spine injury and surgery so meet and greeting will be good for me. Please let me know. Thank you.Tel: 760-909-0566

I live in Ridgecrest, CA don’t mind picking you up. I have a shower, couches, wifi, and can even feed you if you’d like.

Name: Rebecca Fehring
Email: [email protected]
Comment: I live in Ridgecrest, CA. I work until 4:30 during the week and usually work evenings during the weekend, but love taking drives and don’t mind picking you up. I have a shower, couches, wifi, and can even feed you if you’d like. All I ask in return is tips and stories so one day when I finally get up the courage to do the PCT myself, I’ll be a little more informed.