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The Pacific Northwest Trail

  • Ann and Dave Krabill – Port Townsend, WA We would like to offer to assist any PNT hikers who come through Port Townsend. We can offer a shower, a drive to a grocery store, or whatever they may need. [email protected]
  • From: Rose Kalamarides <[email protected]>
    Subject: PNT/Northport accommodations
    Message Body:
    I live a few miles from Northport WA. If you are hiking the PNT and need a place to stay, I have a bedroom with private bath, private water/dryer and private entrance. Just call me and I’ll come fetch you for the short 3.5 mile drive north to our family farm. I’m a true angel and won’t charge you a dime. Will probably feed you a home cooked meal too. I’m now 62 and will live vicariously through your adventures. You only have to share your stories of the trail. I also have a cabin on Deep Lake which may be more suitable depending on how many are hiking with you.
  • From: Virgil & Teri Newton <[email protected]>
    Subject: Trail Angel Message Body: Hello, We live on Palmer Lake near Loomis, Washington and would like to help hikers if we can on the Pacific Northwest Trail. We have extra room, beds, showers and possible some meals. We prefer that to be free with no costs associated. How and when would we be notified of travelers arriving? Your response is appreciated. Thanks, Virgil & Teri Newton
  • Name: Joshua Weill Email: [email protected] Message:
    Good afternoon! I’m currently living on Oil City Road on the Hoh river next to the trail head for the PNT. Would be happy to give rides between Oil City and La Push. I’ll be here for most of September and October. I’m 29 and my brother who hiked the PCT in 2021 ( trail name “Poprocks”) said this would be a great way to make friends with hikers finishing up the PCT and PNT.
  • Name: Scott A Fischer & Wendy A Lenton Email:
    [email protected] Message: We are Established Trail Angels We have been helping the hikers for about 5 yrs now
    on the PNT Trail. 2403 Loomis Oroville Rd Nighthawk Wa

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  1. My name is Rose Paparich-Kalamarides and I live on a farm a few miles out of Northport Washington. I have a small studio apartment with a private entrance. There is a queen bed and small sofa with a twin bed. The bathroom has a shower and washer/dryer. The kitchen is fully appointed. There is cell and wifi service at the farm. I can come and pick you up. We also have a family cabin on Deep Lake. It has two queen beds and two twin beds. There is also a washer/dryer there. You can stay there if it isn’t already occupied. You will be walking right past the Lake on your journey. It has no cell or wifi service however. I’m a trail angel so you won’t be charged for any stay at my places. Email me at [email protected] if you need a place to stay or call me at 907-250-7756.

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