Pacific Crest Trail

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The Pacific Crest Trail


15 thoughts on “Pacific Crest Trail”

  1. People should be advised that Santiam Pass Hwy 20, Oregon) is an ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE place to get a hitch!!! I have stood out in the blazing sun now for over an hour, no luck – even though I take off my hat and sunglasses and smile. I just read online that there is a Eugene to Bend bus that goes once a day, but I just missed it. I need to get new shoes at the REI in Bend. There should be a pullout near the trail, but there ISN’T …

  2. Name: Kristin
    Comment: Hi there! We live in South lake Tahoe, California and want to help out people passing through the Tahoe area. We have pretty variable schedules so give us a call if you need anything in this area. We might have rooms open, just depends on the timing. We should be available to help with rides, etc. also. My boyfriend is an AT thru hiker and we hope to complete the PCT sometime soon. Thanks ! Kristin and Josh
    Tel: 2517092608

  3. Name: Lou & Tawna Mena
    Email: [email protected]
    Comment: My wife and I live in the mountain community of Wrightwood. We are avid backpackers and have backpacked sections of the PCT ourselves. We started hosting PCT’rs last year and loved the experience. We can offer laundry facilities, showers, a bed (we have a guest room) and a hearty breakfast.

  4. Name: james munn
    Comment: I have a home in Snow Creek near mile 207 . I have just added an AC 120v outlet for device charging. It is accessible from the street underneath a shady olive tree. Will be adding a city water faucet soon. NB Directions: At the junction of PCT and Snow Creek Rd. take a sharp left SW onto Snow Creek Rd. and walk 700 feet to 15890 Snow Creek Rd.. Look for iron Cactus gates. AC Outlet is near first olive tree on cobblestone fence column. Reminder all roads in Snow Creek are private, please respect the privacy of residents and follow these directions . Enjoy

  5. Name: Ken & Shirene Peterson
    Email: [email protected]
    Comment: We live in Kent WA
    We cover Snoqualmie Pass to White Pass WA

    We can provide transportation to/from SEA (SeaTac) airport, trailheads, shopping, etc.

    If you are sick or need emergency pick up we don’t care what time of day – we will figure out how to get you.

    We have a mother in law apartment and welcome overnight stays. If your hiking with your dog – animal friendly.

    We are section hikers and PCT stewards for the Chinook to White Pass section.

    Our daughter will be hiking starting in July 2017 – SOBO
    We should be available unless we are out hiking with her for a bit,

    Contact: Shirene Peterson
    @ 253-740-4964 if you send a text – please say you are a PCT hiker.

    Facebook @ Shirene Peterson
    Email: [email protected]

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Connecting Hikers With Trail Angels