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Can pick up at Lost River Rd, NH 112 – after Moosilauke or at Liberty Springs Trail Head

From: Judit Noyes <[email protected]> Subject: Franconia NH shower, meal, bed Message Body: We can take in groups of up to four if you don’t mind two dogs. Can pick up at Lost River Rd, NH 112 – after Moosilauke or at Liberty Springs Trail Head. (We’re flexible if you want to come down Skoocumchuk, Garfield or Galehead for any reason. Provide a shower, meal, fluffy dogs.

I live in Bozeman and would love to offer rides and possibly a place to stay

  • From: Amelia Pease Subject: Add me to the trail Angel list! Message Body: Hi! I live in Bozeman and would love to offer rides and possibly a place to stay. I am a student and PCT hiker trash (Picnic,2018) with a place near downtown that has a yard and basement. I miss my people. 775-560-0759

Trail angel and host location offered

From: Jeff Fraser <[email protected]>
Subject: Trail angel and host location offered

Message Body:
Hi, i have a piece of land on tge cdt in the middle of chain of craters wilderness and looking gor somone to set up as a trail angel there and offer food supplies and shelter to travellers of the cdt and act as caretaker of my land. I have 2 busses and camper as shelter if needed, they will need to be towed 185 miles to the site. If you know anyone in the area or i can post an ad with you that would be great. Thanks, Jeff article on 10 Hiking Essentials

Hey just a quick one,

I happened upon your site Trail Angel List (very cool!), and while clicking around your site I spotted that you have linked to on – it’s a great resource on the topic!

I am the editor of, and we have recently written a pretty in-depth article on 10 Hiking Essentials.¬†We’d be hugely honored if you would check it out (and possibly consider adding a link to it).

If not, we would always welcome any constructive criticism!

Here is the URL:

Happy Trails!

Warner Springs, Idyllwild or Big Bear area

From: Michelle and John Bedard <[email protected]>
Subject: Trail angel PCT Message Body:
We have helped hikers 3 times even though we are in Temecula Ca. I picked up a lady from Germany and took her to the Urgent care, got her prescriptions, took her to a store to get some supplies. She stayed in our guest house for a night. I fed her dinner and breakfast then took her back to the trail. Had a young man I picked up twice. Took him to REI to get new boots, let him stay in our guest house 2 days took him back to the trail. Picked him up again and took him to our friends cabin in Big Bear. He stayed there a few days then went back to the trail. We offered our property for another person to park their motorcycle in our garage for a week this year. We can help in those kind of instances mostly in the Warner Springs, Idyllwild or Big Bear area.

pct trail angel – cascade locks, or.

From: Mark and Karen Fernald
Subject: Please add us to the pct trail angel list - cascade locks, or.

Message Body:
Cascade Locks, OR.

>From Mark and Karen Fernald:

We live in vancouver, wa.  And, are willing to help hikers who are passing through vancouver, wa; heading to cascade locks.  If you are arriving at the vancouver train/bus station, to hike in washington or oregon, we can help you with transportation, a place to stay, a place to prepare food drops, and with mailing parcels.  Please call Mark at 253-514-3493, or text Karen at 369-852-2704. 

If you are in cascade locks and in desprit need (like: out of money and food, or need to get off the trail for a time) then please call us.  But, we do not give rides to portland; because, there is a portland-cascade locks-hood river bus.

The best to you, 
Mark and Karen.