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Meeting of Tehachapi Trail Angels Scheduled For July 8 2014

I would like to thank Sam White for emailing the details below for the upcoming scheduled Tehachapi Meeting of Trail Angels on July 8 2014.  The Meeting Notice can be viewed by clicking Here For meeting notice.

It looks like they have a wonderful network of Trail Angels in Tehachapi and I feel honored to have the opportunity to share this with you! Please let me know how else I may be of service! Eric B. Fuller, Hundy

laser pointer for star show

Too many posts Sam White. Last one for tonight, promise.
I am seeking loan of laser for star program tomorrow night at Brite Lake for California Conservancy Core. Perhaps Dale Hawkins has one? Please check with him, but will accept any.

I am seeking loan of laser for star program tomorrow night at Brite Lake for California Conservancy Core. Perhaps Dale Hawkins has one? Please check with him, but will accept any.
On Friday, June 20, 2014 7:44 PM, Eric Fuller <[email protected]> wrote:
This is wonderful news ill add it right way! Thank you Sam!!!

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On Jun 20, 2014, at 3:09 PM, sam white <[email protected]> wrote:

Wow. Amazing how the universe unfolds. I am organizing a Gathering of Angels on July 8 tehachapi. 1 hr max. Post season shakedown and plan next yr.
Wonderful to meet with you delightful angels. Here are the minutes of June 2, expertly done by Sue.
I would like to have a “wind up” meeting in early July. I will stay in touch.
The water report is frequently updated on pctwater.com
Thanks for all you do.
Meeting of Tehachapi Trail Angels 6/2/14 Kelcy’s 8:00 am
• Tortoise (Sam White) chaired the meeting.
• There were 9 PCT Angels in attendance. Introductions were made
• Anne Marie explained there are two PCT Angel lists. One with names and phone numbers that the hikers can call. There is a second secret list for emergencies or special occasions that Anne Marie can call.•
• Tehachapi Regional Transit will provide rides from Kmart to Cameron Road. 7 times a day. Rides cost $1. Departure times from Kmart are Mon-Fri 5:02 am, 8:57 am, 10:47 am, 12:47 pm, 2:47 pm, 4:47 pm, and 6:47 pm. Departure times Saturday are 5:02 am, 10:47 am and 2:47 pm. Departure times Sunday are 10:47 am, 12:47 pm and 2:47 pm. Hikers must tell driver they are going to Cameron Road when they embark. Tehachapi Regional Transit does not give rides to Willow Springs Road. There is a Dial-a-Ride service within Tehachapi. Call 1-800-323-2396. Reservations required at least one day in advance to guarantee a ride.
• Camp Tortoise, with room for 30 campers, is located at 129 E “E” Street. Primo’s restaurant, across the alley, has given permission for the hikers to use their bathroom. Sam will look into getting a donated port-a-potty.
• Airport – there are limited facilities at the airport – with room for 6 campers.
• Water – Every March, Tom at the Internet Café at Kennedy Meadows fills all the water caches from Tehachapi to Kennedy Meadows. He estimates his cost to be about $500. During the season, we need water information from Tehachapi heading north. Suggestions?
• Dr. Susan Hall – has agreed to treat hikers needing medical attention. If you have a hiker in need, call Dr. Hall, 822-4421 during office hours. Dr. Hall is located at 432 W “J” Street.
• Donations for gas – please forward any donations you receive for gas to AnneMarie. She will share the donations with all the drivers. (Perhaps drivers should keep track of their miles?)
• More hikers coming – this year 1700 hikers have registered to thru hike. It takes 6 weeks to get from mile zero to Tehachapi. Currently, we are at the tail end of the third bubble of hikers, so the majority have gone through.

meeting notice

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